001e 2001-02 New York, Twin Towers at WTC

September 11, 2015

 leggi in italiano

001 2001-02 New York, Twin Towers at WTC

I have been in the United States for more than forty years. I lived and worked mostly in Boston and in Washington and New York. I took many flights along the east coast, maybe too many, since when Eastern Airlines was still using Lockheed Electra.

I tried so many times to take pictures from the plane, who has not tried? The results are usually not good, not to say miserable.

On a very cold morning of February 2001, I took a flight from Boston to New York. The plane approached the city along the Hudson River to the Verrazano Bridge, then with a sharp turn to the left pointed north, flying over Brooklyn, toward La Guardia airport.

I was sitting near a window on the left side of the plane, the glass was clean, and by chance I had my camera. Miracle! I got a good one!

That morning I could never imagine what would have happen seven month later.

My friend Richard B. Ross was on board of American Airlines 11.

Richard's memorial

Richard’s memorial

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