073e 2016-02-01, The Triumph of Amnesia

February 1, 2016
The Triumph of Amnesia by Pascale Queval

The Triumph of Amnesia by Pascale Queval


Living with Pascale is not boring, I hope that she can say the something about me. Her artistic projects are always creative and she capable to narrate and old story in a very new way.

And I? I get involved and I love it even if I am just the one who hummer the nail into the wall.

This time she confronted an eternal battle in a new apocalyptic way.

There is no escape from Amnesia, Dementia and Alzheimer’s, the three horrific sisters of our 21st century society. These diseases strike blindly everyone and anyone. They don’t discriminate between rich and poor, black and white, man and woman, just like the plague in the middle age, they touch all of us

Inspired by the 1562 painting The Triumph of Death, Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s took on the ever-present threat of Black Death in medieval Europe, The Triumph of Amnesia is the panoramic view of a once beautiful and peaceful land turned into chaos. In Bruegel’s painting an army of skeletons, led by Death itself, destroys the world as we know it. We don’t know where they come from but we know that they are taking all of us with them. We have absolutely no control on the situation. The invasion is unstoppable and systematic.

The fear of Amnesia, Dementia and Alzheimer’s is ever present in our society. If someone can’t remember a name or any other trivial everyday life fact, the specter of Alzheimer’s is immediately brought up. Alzheimer’s is in our mental landscape, waiting off shore for a full landing. Its horseshoe crabs, like armored cars will penetrate and infiltrate slowly our brain cells and destroy them. Horseshoe crabs are called living fossils because they haven’t evolved since their first appearance 450 million years ago. They are our oldest memory, the oldest witness of our world, coming to take us away. The dormant horseshoe crabs will resurface from their 450 million years ocean depth and claim our memories back, shredding into pieces our identity, our history, our relationships, and the solid facts we based our certitudes on.

We will be left like King Lear, defeated poor old fools, and our plea will remain unheard.

 Marblehead, 1 February 2016 

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  Presentazione del Libro M’Arcordo…

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