023e 2015-07-01 Mecca, The Clock Tower Hotel,

July 1, 2015

I will never visit this place, and I am sorry, I am curious.

Once upon a time, the Turk Ottoman conquered Mecca and they built a fort to protect the Grand Mosque, Masjid-al-Haram with the Kaaba with the Black Stone at the center, all the pilgrims have to kiss it.

Ottoman Castle

Ottoman Castle

This is a 1888 photo and we can see on the left the Turkish castle, now it is gone. The government from Ankara was furious when learn that the Saudi had decided to raise it to the ground and built a five stars hotel in its place.

They built it. The Makkah Hotel, better known as Makkah Clock Royal Hotel, is 660 m. tall, twice the Eiffel Tower. It is like an impressive soviet Stalinist structure revisited in Las Vegas style.

I checked the price. I started to make a reservation for one night, double room, the most economical one $1,139.91. I did not enter my credit card number when requested.

I am wondering at what moment they would ask me if I were a Muslim, the infidels could not even go close to Mecca,

Makkah Clock Royal Hotel

Makkah Clock Royal Hotel

Ho recentemente pubblicato il libro “M’Arcordo…” che può essere acquistato nelle librerie di Sansepolcro.

Il mio blog di memorie M’Arcordo… www.biturgus.com/

E questo è il sito dedicato

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