021 1940-06-23 Hitler in Paris

June 23, 2015
Hitler in Paris

                         Hitler in Paris

Today, 75 years ago, Hitler went to Paris, the visit lasted 3 hours. The France’s surrender had been officially formalized in a railroad car in Compiegne Forest. After this ceremony, Hitler summoned Albert Speer, the architect, and told him his intention to visit Paris.

Speer (at Hitler’s right) wrote in his best seller “Inside the Third Reich” (1970) a detailed chronicle of that historical visit. Hitler was mostly interested in the architecture of the city. He wanted Speer to have an inspiration, to go back to Berlin and to make it more beautiful and monumental.

Speer told us nothing about lunch. Did they eat in Paris? Probably not. If Goering had been there probably would have booked a private dining room at La Tour d’Argent and certainly inspected that mythical wines cellar.

Never trust a teetotaler vegetarian who does not smoke.


Fausto Braganti

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